“The manner of giving is worth more than the gift"
Pierre Corneille

I’m always genuinely flattered when a submissive chooses to spoil me. Gifts are by no means expected but if you’d like to treat me to a little something to thank me for our time together, or indeed just because, I’ve provided some inspiration below.


Amazon Wish List

My Favourite

Flowers – Stargazer lilies

Perfume – Jean Paul Gaultier Intense

Tipple – Taittinger Nocturne or Kraken Rum

Chocolate – Lindt white chocolate

Gift Cards

A gift card of your choice can be sent to info@mistresselysia.co.uk

I particularly enjoy cards from

Lush Cosmetics

Playful Promises

House of Fraser

If you’d like to hand pick something for me....

Dress size - 12/Medium

Bra size - 34D

Shoe size - 5


Mistress Elysia today

@mistresstess1 Can completely relate. Feels like Groundhog Day every day. Wake up exhausted and go though the day wanting to go back to bed. And repeat. Not easy juggling online learning with online work and no privacy.
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Mistress Elysia today

@Mistress_Hedone @misskimrub @MissKittyDomme @MissSaffyre @LadyKaliaBBW @GlasgowViolet Have a good one gorgeous 💗
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Mistress Elysia 1 days ago

@LilToyForElysia 😘
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