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1. Of Greek origin. Meaning 'blissful'. Relates to the 'Elysian Fields'; the mythological resting place of the blessed, paradise for those deemed worthy.

The woman behind the whip

Like many, I first discovered BDSM as a curious teen exploring my sexuality. It's fair to say my first intimate experiences were not entirely vanilla. I indulged in what felt natural to me, never once considering it might not be "the norm".

Later, I was lead to believe that my natural inclinations were a "phase", some remnant of a rebellious streak from my teens, and so I went through the motions, toned down my kinks...and I was miserable.

I look back at that stage in my life and consider it a blessing. It made me realise I NEED kink in my life in order to be my most authentic, whole, happy self. I carry this lesson forward with me into my sessions. It makes up a core part of what drives me, and what makes me a damn good Mistress; I offer my submissives a safe space where they can be themselves, without fear, judgement or shame.

With regards to my sessions, I only partake in fetishes that I genuinely enjoy, so that our time together is as authentic and mutually enjoyable as possible. I would rather refer you on to a lady who has a genuine interest in your chosen kink than just do it for monetary gain. My days of going through the motions are long gone!

My shade of SIN

I have a proclivity for sensual sadism. Nothing makes my pulse race more than anticipation; whether I’m gifting pleasure or administering pain, whether you’re driven by lust or fear. The adrenaline rush I get from picking you apart, toying with you and watching you squirm under my gaze......nothing makes me feel more alive.

There’s a clear duality in my personal kinks. On one side of the spectrum is chastity, tease and denial, sensory play and of course worship.

The other side? I crave your submission. I want to test your obedience, and watching you suffer for my pleasure is the ultimate drug for me. The whimper of a submissive as they endure electro stimulation, predicament bondage or the harshest CBT is music to my ears.

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Mistress Elysia today

@mistresstess1 Can completely relate. Feels like Groundhog Day every day. Wake up exhausted and go though the day wanting to go back to bed. And repeat. Not easy juggling online learning with online work and no privacy.
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Mistress Elysia today

@Mistress_Hedone @misskimrub @MissKittyDomme @MissSaffyre @LadyKaliaBBW @GlasgowViolet Have a good one gorgeous 💗
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Mistress Elysia 1 days ago

@LilToyForElysia 😘
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