Glasgow Mistress Elysia

Professional Dominatrix

For those of you who haven’t yet had the pleasure of serving me, I am Mistress Elysia.

Intelligent, sensual and deliciously wicked; I am the embodiment of sin.

I’ve been a lifestyle Domina for more than a decade, and have been offering professional sessions in Glasgow for 7 years.

BDSM is as much of a part of me as the ink that adorns my skin.

I offer bespoke sessions from a discreet and beautifully equipped private studio in the heart of Glasgow City Centre. The studio only hosts one session at a time, so your privacy is assured.

I adore the psychological aspect of BDSM, the power of suggestion and verbal manipulation. I get the sweetest thrill from teasing and tormenting a submissive, playing little mind games until they are blushing, stuttering and lost for words. As many have learned, the only correct answer is “yes Miss"....

Now, shall we get to know each other a little better?

Yes, Miss!


Mistress Elysia today

@mistresstess1 Can completely relate. Feels like Groundhog Day every day. Wake up exhausted and go though the day wanting to go back to bed. And repeat. Not easy juggling online learning with online work and no privacy.
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Mistress Elysia today

@Mistress_Hedone @misskimrub @MissKittyDomme @MissSaffyre @LadyKaliaBBW @GlasgowViolet Have a good one gorgeous 💗
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Mistress Elysia 1 days ago

@LilToyForElysia 😘
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